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!!New!! Small and Medium Social Enterprises (SMSEs) are vital providers of social services to poor people in developing countries. Yet they are ignored by most development approaches. A recent survey in Sri Lanka investigated the market for SMSEs, their impact and how they can be developed by social investors and development agencies. (click for full report)

Micro-finance helps SMSEs and the private sector develop. It is a good example of the private sector building long-term structures that create many spin-off benefits. (Click here for various materials). In particular, implementation of IT brings many benefits. We have also developed a toolkit to help cooperatives create strategic plans.

!!New!! Cooperatives bring together business discipline, social objectives and community mobilisation, and thrive in locations where no other financial institutions can operate. For example, there is a large and unrecognised cooperative movement in Myanmar (Click here for description of movement).

Micro-finance organisations post-disaster reconstruction after an event like the Tsunami of December 2004 (click here for details of one program run in Sri Lanka). Re-capitalisation needs are often ignored (click here for an article describing how re-capitalisation programs work).

The banking sector in India is developing fast, but deposits for the poor are often ignored. More study is needed to understand customers and business economics (click here for details).

External agencies want to support private sector development programs, but project planning and design procedures need to be reformed to allow effective programs (click here for summary paper)

There are opportunities to use the internet to transform political dialogue. We built a trial site to see what could be achieved.